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Viamonde School Board Elections

October 22, 2018

Members of the team Rêvons en grand believe that each trustee has the responsability and privilege of representing their school community at the board table. We are willing and ready to work in a spirit of openness and transparency, to collaborate and persevere for the greater good, and with respect for, our francophone school community. Our core principle is the constitutional right of our francophone students to a quality French-language education equivalent to that of their anglophone peers.

We are aiming high! Nous rêvons en grand!


How to vote

Ontario’s municipal and school board elections will take place on October 22, 2018.

Please verify online if you are registered on the municpal electoral list to vote for French Public. You can find a link on your municipality’s website.

TO NOTE: if you arrive to the voting station and do not receive a ballot for the school board election of your choice, you can ask at that moment to vote for the Public French language school board, namely Viamonde. It is your right to choose that school board to vote for as a rights-holder.

Find your candidate

Use our interactive map to find your candidate.

Interactive map